Lily Qian NYC Illustrator

Camera Obsessions
Ink on bristol board 

Being an illustrator and photographer at the same time, Lily Qian developed this ongoing project “Camera Obsessions” that depicts the balancing act between the two medias she is working in.  In a loose, spontaneous handwriting she takes the viewer to a strolls through the history of photographic apparatuses.  These complex, sophisticated machines are not shown in a technically correct illustration or reproduction but as an original artwork: obviously handmade, larger than life size and on a large sheet of paper which relates to the haptic experience one has when looking at an enlarged silvergelatine print of a film photograph.  Deviating from a realistic representation into abstract, almost Rorschach-like patterns, the difference is highlighted between the perfection that digital processes produce today and the random physical and chemical artifacts of analogue techniques that simulated in a questionable way by popular photo manipulation applications for mobile devices.

The project “Camera Obsessions” works like a multi-mirror kaleidoscope which reflects on the image as an object and the image of image-producing objects and eventually it opens a perspective to our relation to the image in the time of the flood of digital images.

2012 - ongoing

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